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Micheladas Matacrudas is the mix project of a dedicated team who  has  discovered a better way to make a tastier Michelada.  After hours of mixing and lots of research the product was ready to showcase in 2016.

MMC has been serving our mix all over the west coast with plans to take it nationwide and share the taste of an authentic Michelada in other regions.  The freshest ingredients that are locally sourced help make MMC the choice for serious Michelada enthusiasts.

Doubled as a great Bloody Mary Mix, MMC continues to push forward by adding flavors that enhance both Micheladas and Bloody Marys.

Strawberry, Tamarindo, Mango and Watermelon are available now with a list of places to buy by clicking the products button above.   Future plans will include adding more flavors and spices to keep the Michelada experience going and always have something new to experience.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us.



Legend has it that the Michelada was invented by a man named Michel Esper in the town of San Luís Potosí; the other claims that it was christened in honor of a Mexican General, Augusto Michel who reportedly liked to spike his lager with chiles and lime juice. 


The original Michelada is beer, a salt rim and lime juice.  A Chelada has a tomato base and lime juice.  Over time a Michelada is better known for a tomato juice base, with fresh squeezed lime, and salt.  

You can find a variety of Michelada recipes and most people swear there's is the best.  At the end of the day you can't go wrong, and trying different Micheladas up and down the coast of California has become a mission in itself.

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